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Sometimes you just need a little extra to figure out the next step, to make your real estate deal work, or to give you the confidence to move forward in the right direction. Ian and his team of award-winning real estate experts are also affordable enough to speak with you about your situation so that you can get real expertise, increase your options, avoid loss, and maximize profits.


Gain valuable insights, strategies, and tools you need to take your finances to the next level.

  • Adopt a winning mindset.
  • Create a map for success.
  • Discover the best ways to profit.
  • Acquire income real estate.
  • Grow your wealth.
  • Enjoy a guaranteed income for life.


Are you truly happy, or are parts of you unfulfilled? Gain the clarity and focus you need to achieve the lifestyle you want.

  • Stop spending time for money.
  • Enjoy more time for yourself.
  • Improve your mindset.
  • Increase your productivity.
  • Feel rewarded by your work.
  • Transform your world.

About Ian Charles Parrish

America’s authority on real estate investing.

Ian will help you believe anything is possible. He has devoted his life to improving the world by helping people realize their financial goals in real estate. An award-winning real estate developer and widely recognized real estate investing expert, Ian has brought his exciting entrepreneurial vision and experience to audiences across the country. He is an advisor to CEOs, developers, universities, members of government, and everyday people alike; and many of them are living proof of the power in his service-before-self philosophy.

To find out if Ian can speak to your group or organization; or to find out if Ian can help you find, fund, or execute your next project, inquire here

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Thanks and Testimonials

U.S. Senator Benjamin Cardin

“You demonstrate dedication and high standards. Your success is truly an example to budding entrepreneurs throughout Maryland. I am proud of your achievements and hope you will continue to excel. Best wishes for the future.”

James McCann

“Ian, I can’t thank you enough for the wisdom you bestowed upon me during my tenure at Investors United. Having the opportunity to model so many successful people at such a young and impressionable age was worth every last penny and then some. I always knew in my heart that the experience would pay dividends as the years went by and I became more emotionally mature. It sure has. I’m just finishing up renovating one of the units and I can’t wait to send you all a detailed summary of the transaction!”

Casey Charles

“4 months ago, I called Ian Parrish to ask for his assistance with a rehab deal. Instantly, he began helping me and providing me with all the details necessary to complete the deal properly. The interesting thing is that at the end of the conversation he asked, “How did you hear about me?” Without knowing that I was already a member of IU, he was still willing to help me. Having an expert at my disposal with that level of integrity and willingness to help gave me an ‘unfair advantage’ in the market. By the way, Ian saved me over $20,000 with his guidance on that deal!”

Justin Brown

“Thanks to your informative lessons, I can proudly say that I’ve not only met my goal 3 months early, I’ve made almost double (around $140,000). Not bad before my 23rd birthday!”

Jim Spurrier

“Mr. Parrish’s knowledge, expertise, and experience in making a profit through real estate investment made it easy for me to understand the complexities involved.”

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